Couples Counseling

From dating to newlyweds to couples that have been together for decades, there are points in every relationship where one, the other or both may want to “throw in the towel” and “call it quits”. At Village Counseling and Resources we understand that couples of all ages and in all stages of life can be on the brink of “calling it quits," but can rediscover the relationship they aspire to have despite the situation they find themselves in.

If you are struggling with in your relationship in areas such as intimacy, sexuality, trauma, abuse, financial stress, or poor communication, I am here to help. Take the first step towards investing in yourself and in your relationship.

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How You Will Benefit
  •  increase intimacy

  •  build a stronger relationship

  •  expand self-awareness

  •  break negative habits

  •  gain new perspectives

  •  cultivate mature love