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It takes a village...

Posted on 5/24/2012 by Tina Whitehead in support guidance community village

I recently was trying to drive a boat for the first time by myself with my four daughters. I was self-confident and was prepared for a great adventure. I had everyone seated and began to disembark when I began to hear yelling coming from a near by shore. A man was yelling at me that I was doing something wrong, I simply smiled and nodded because I could not hear him over the motor...

Five seconds later, literally, he had jumped into the water and was swimming over to me to tell me something, obviously very important. At that moment, my self-confidence was at an all time low! I did not have my propeller in the water and was going to burn out the water pump, which happens very quickly apparently. At that point, I had lost all confidence in all my skills—even to steer the boat and continue doing what I knew I could do because of one mistake, but my neighbor guided me through things and quickly got me out in the water and on my way. My children laughed it off, made fun of the man and helped get me back on track. When I was on my way back in, my neighbor made sure I was able to park the boat and told me I did a good job! Something so trivial as a boat ride made me squirm with uncomfortable feelings, feelings of inadequacy and low self-confidence. My Village came to my rescue when I needed them and helped me out of a tight spot.

A Village can be neighbors, as in my situation, friends, family, support groups, or teachers. Really, anyone who can lend needed support, guidance in a time of one’s personal growth, time of need or who is able to navigate in times of uncertainty. These “Villagers” can be stable characters in ones life or just passer-bys who are temporary to the situation or setting. Many times, as issues come along, we need people who understand how we understand or at a minimum can relate with a situation that we are facing in order to overcome the situation.

This is precisely why I named my practice Village Counseling and Resources. I believe in representing what people may be missing in their life; a “Villager” to cheer them on, aide them in their personal growth, help navigate in challenging times. It does not have to be long and drawn out process, sometimes a few sessions will resolves the issue/s. So, if you need a person to help when no one else in the Village will or is able, call Village Resources and Counseling.